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Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in Blow jobs, Eating kitty, Oral Pleasures, Relationships, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Pornstar Abs Workout

Do you want the best abs ever? A while ago, I got really into abs workout. Yes, I do like to look good for my dates at London escorts, and at the same time I like to feel good about myself. Like all of the other girls at cheap escorts, I realize that summer is coming soon and that I need to workout a bit more. So, I sat down and checked things out. After a little while, I came up with my own Abs workout for summer, and I call it my cheap Escorts Abs program. To be honest, it does not involve hundreds and hundreds of sit ups because I am not sure that sit ups are the answer to good abs.

The first exercise on my cheap escorts Abs Program is the plank. I love to work out really hard, and once of the best ways to do so is yoga. My friend Annie who is 50 years old still has the most amazing tummy muscles for her age. She works out in a bikini, and I am so jealous. The plank exercise in yoga is just one of the exercise in my cheap Escorts Ab Program. You need to do about five times, and really focus on holding the pose correctly. It does wonder for your core, and you will soon see the difference.

Another exercise that I do as part of the London Escorts Ab Program also comes from the world of yoga that many porn stars use too. It is part of Ashtanga yoga but is also practised when doing Bikram yoga. You need to sit on your butt with your arms stretched out behind your back. Lift your legs up and hold them apart. The next is the most difficult part bring your arms up and grab hold of your toes. You are now balancing on your sitting bones. My friends here at London escorts found this to be the most difficult exercise, but it certainly works for me.

Another good one exercise which is part of my cheap Escorts Ab Program comes from yoga as well. You need to lie on your stomach on the floor. Place your arms by your side and now grab hold of your toes lifting your legs. This stretches your core and also gives your back a really effective workout. Most of the cheap escorts who I work with also say that this exercise gives them a lot of energy. It is a very “releasing” exercise and is aimed towards releasing energy from your core.

I love yoga, and I have become rather addicted to it. Yes, I used to do tons of sit ups but I did not found that it really worked for me. In the end, I did realize that I needed to come up with my own program, and that is how cheap Escorts Abs Program was born. I am thinking about putting together a video of all the different disciplines. It would be kind of exciting, and I think that a lot of people would benefit from my London Escorts Abs Program. I certainly know that some of my gents would benefit from it, but I am not sure that I could ever get them to do it with me.

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