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Posted by on Apr 22, 2019 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I left my husband because of abusing me – Kent escort

We cannot deny that there are lots us suffering from an abusive partner. A lot of us experience being torn of our partner but kept mum about it. A lot of us just want to protect what we have because we are afraid of losing it. We want to give our children a whole family because that is what they deserve. Our children are never part of the problem of the parents; above all they must be protected at all costs. Many children’s turned their life into bad because of the unwanted happenings in the family. Many of the children’s bad personality is cause of the chaotic relationship in the house. I didn’t want to outgrow my children’s to their father, but for me I have done enough and I can no longer tolerate their father doings to me. Their father used to beat and hurt me all over again. Many times I cried alone and own the pain because I do not want to spit out my husband’s bad habits. I do not want to hurt my children’s feelings because of the rumours spread by others because of me. And also no one of us wants to spit our family’s deepest secret. As much as possible we want to cover up our partner’s mistake to look good and perfect to everyone. I have done this many times in my life; before I became a Kent escort from all the pain and heart aches were all inside me. Thankfully becoming a Kent escort set me free from those things in my life. I thought i couldn’t live without my husband. I thought it would be hard for me and my children to go on without their father. But because of the opportunity Kent escort have me I have passed it through. Good thing about walking away from an abusive husband is that you finally see yourself truly happy. You finally set yourself free from pain and trouble. You finally realize that all the negative things said by your husband to you is not true. You have proved to yourself and to your husband that you can make it and can survive even without him. Being a Kent escort helps me recover from it, one more thing is that I develop a good attitude to myself and become a good influence to my children’s that never be a prisoner to a person. I thought my children my learning’s from their father but not to the point of disrespecting him since he is still the father of my children’s. The choice of happiness and freedom is within yourself, you have to pick a partner that won’t abused your love and love you back truly. I learned that being single mom is not hard as long as you are determined to raise your children. I am now happy being a Kent escort and this job helps us a lot.

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