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Posted by on Oct 14, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dressing is important – Favorite London escorts

You may think that all of the London escorts turn up in skimpy gear and sexy lingerie. This is not true at all and I give specific instructions to the London escorts agencies. I have actually sent London escorts away who have not been dressed properly. At the end of the day, these London escorts must appreciate that they are going to business functions, or business dinners, with guys who might be making business deals that are worth a lot of money. There is no way that you can turn up dressed as a harlot to any of the functions. Standard dress would have to be a nice cocktail dress, or trousers suit for all of the London escorts. Of course, most guys do appreciate seeing their London escorts in things like cocktail dresses so I often ask my London escorts to ensure that they wear a nice cocktail dress. Also, I do tell the London escorts who often come to my business functions, that it would be appreciated if they did wear some nice lingerie. After all, the guy who they are entertaining may want to ask them out on a personal date afterwards. May I add that this is often the case, and that it is something that most London escorts have come to London escorts have come to expect, from my business functions.
I do have some favorite London escorts, and favorite London escorts agencies that I use for my business functions. The girls at these London escorts agencies are extra sexy, and I have a few hot babes who speak different languages as well. It is fun for visitors from Japan to meet girls from different countries, and they rather seem to revel in it. Without a shadow of a doubt, all of my Japanese business people appreciate that these girls are Outcall escorts and they know what it is all about. A lot of the business functions that I arrange are very popular. Okay, most of the men who attend are probably from Japan and know what London escorts are all about. They are their for the guys pleasure and to make the evening go with a bang. After all, who says that you should not be able to mix business with pleasure, or the other way around as they say in Japan. I get a lot of compliments about the London escorts that I invite to my business functions, and ti seems that all of the guys who attend, like to spend time with their London escorts dates for the evening. That means that I have done a good job, and got all of the details right. For me, it also means more cash in my pocket as so much business is done these way in my little world.

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